Moments beyond Imagination at Mount Everest

Feeling on top of the world
with the XT

When asked about his favorite place on earth. Thomas Biasotto doesn’t need to think very long – his home are the mountains. He finds comfort in the in their mystery and archaic shapes. This feeling is what he is trying to capture with his monochromatic imagery, highlighting the depth, contrast, and presence of this majestic rugged landscape. When the XT camera was released in 2019, he knew right away that he would bring it to a trip of his lifetime.  Preparing to climb the Mount Everest takes a long time and when you stand at a 6500 peak, you want to be able to capture that breathtaking landscape in its full beauty.

“Anyone, who has traveled at altitudes above 4000 meters knows how difficult it is to handle that height. I needed full trust in my body and listen carefully to how it adjusts to these incredibly harsh conditions. So, I’ve spent months preparing myself, assembling my equipment and training my body to deal with the physical toll I would be exposed to. It is a challenging trip up the mountain, and you never know what nature holds for you next, could be glacial ice cracks, icefalls or avalanches. However, when we reached our destination at the peak, I knew that all preparation plus the physical and mental effort paid off. Standing there was a lifetime moment, and I was happy to have a camera with me that had the image quality to capture it like no other could.”

"Travelling to amazing landscapes is like air to me and so I am super excited to travel to Nepal, Canadian Rockies and Patagonia in the future and see what insane moments I will be able to capture with my XT."

Thomas Biasotto

For his first expedition, Thomas wanted a travel friendly camera that would capture his desired images, considering the high stakes of this trip. The XT camera with its 15 stop dynamic range and supportive tools such as DualExposure+ and Frame Averaging, allows him to take incredible photographs even during rough weather conditions. Having those tools integrated into the camera saves additional weight for filters and such. His favorite lens is the 32mm lens, giving him the perfect focal length.

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