Tim Campbell

Seas from above

Aerial photographer, Tim Campbell, took over our Instagram account and took us on a journey over Western Australia’s gorgeous coastline. Get ready for an oceanic adventure with Tim’s aerial photography.

Houtman Abrolhos Islands

“This is a rather abstract, top-down view of the beautiful Houtman Abrolhos Islands. If you look back to my last post and follow the white water line off into the distance you’ll see where this image was taken, about halfway up that reef shelf.”

“This image contains the vivid blue of an open water drop off and inviting turquoise sand patch separated by a crisp white water line and earthy brown limestone plate, I think it’s one of the most harmonious colour pallets I’ve ever seen in the ocean. Unless we grow wings I don’t think the attraction of an aerial perspective will leave us too soon, it’s just so great to reveal the patterns and tones carved into our earth over the ages. Have any of you shot with the IQ3 100MP from above?”

The Houtman Abrolhos Islands

“The island you see here belongs to an archipelago of 122 islands and associated coral reefs; The Houtman Abrolhos Islands.”

“At sea/ground level they appear mostly flat and featureless, windswept from the harsh southerly trade winds that batter our coast, however, once you take on an aerial perspective the landscape comes alive with the abstract structures hand built by the hardy fishermen residing out here.”

“Even with about 80 knots of wind side on to my face, the IQ3 100MP Digital Back rendered incredibly fine detail from the height we were flying at. I’m super stoked with the prints we produced from this job.”


Morning light

“…Notice that beautiful morning light pouring through the clouds off in the distance?”

When shooting aerial, that’s the key to rendering detail on these low lying atolls; long shadows will really make your subject pop even with minimal elevation. Lucky for us we had a top gun pilot who agreed to fly us 40 nautical miles out to location before sun up with the door off, he even wore aviators and if I recall correctly his name was Maverick.”