iXH 100MP
Preserve Today.
For Tomorrow.

The camera solution for digitizing cultural heritage collections & documentation

Desktop Book Cradle used to digitize a document with a iXH 100MP precision heritage documentation camera

Digitize your collection with precision

Discover Phase One iXH 100MP Camera Systems, designed to revolutionize the digitization of cultural heritage collections. With unmatched resolution and precision, our cameras ensure every detail is captured, preserving the authenticity of your collections.

Man uses iXH 100MP camera for heritage documentation

Why choose the iXH 100MP camera system?

Digitize Your Collection. In Every Detail.  

The iXH 100MP is meticulously crafted to ensure digital reproductions are true to the original. 

Preserve Faster. In One Click.  

Effortlessly digitize expansive collections with our purpose-built iXH 100MP, freeing you from traditional scanners. 

Every Pixel Matters. For the Future.  

Our Phase One Intelligent Image Quality (IIQ) files provide adaptable processing and non-intrusive evaluation, exceeding preservation standards. 

Unparalleled benefits for cultural heritage preservation

  • Color Accuracy & Superior Detail: Capture true-to-life reproductions with the highest resolution and finest color accuracy. 
  • Industrial Durability: Built with aerial-grade aluminum and the most durable components, the iXH Camera Systems are designed to last. 
  • High Precision Optics: Featuring Flat Field Optics with Phase One and Schneider Kreuznach lenses, ensuring unmatched quality in resolution and color. 
  • Capture One CH Software Integration: Seamless hardware and software integration for efficient workflows and precise results. 
  • Precision Focus Control: Motor-driven focusing for optimal accuracy and automated settings for various document sizes. 


Digitizing your cultural heritage 

The iXH 100MP is expertly designed for reproducing smaller subjects ranging from A2 to A8 at 300ppi. 

iXH 100MP precision heritage documentation camera integrates seamlessly with other heritage preservation tools

Flat objects

Loose and bound documents (up to A2 size) including paintings

For those dedicated to preserving history, the iXH 100MP precision heritage documentation camera is an essential tool.

Bound books

Bound books (up to A2 size), particularly those with monochrome text

The iXH 100MP camera provides unparalleled high-resolution imaging capabilities, making it the perfect tool for heritage documentation.

Films – photo

Photographic transparencies and negatives (strips, rolls, and glass plates up to 8x10)

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