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August 26th, 2015
Capture One Pro 8 Webinar:
Black and White Mastery with Richard Boutwell

Following on from last week, now let us disregard color completely and move to Black and White!

We are joined by very special guest Richard Boutwell of Black and White Mastery

Richard has examined many RAW converters and will display why he believes Capture One produces the best conversion to create his final Black and White Images.

Richard will demonstrate his techniques in Capture One and Photoshop, finishing with output for a standard Colour printer or dedicated Black and White printer.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn from Richard.

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September 2, 2015
Capture One Pro 8 Webinar:
Creative Control with Local Adjustments

Local Adjustments are a unique and powerful feature of Capture One. They can be used to locally adjust areas of images with a variety of different tools and even for basic retouching.

It adds an extra dimension to RAW image adjustment and very often saves additional steps in Photoshop. In this webinar, learn how to become an expert in Local Adjustment with brushes, gradients, cloning and healing.

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September 9, 2015
Capture One Pro 8 Webinar:
Creating and Using Styles and Presets

Styles and Presets in Capture One are two ways to save adjustments. A Preset is simple a setting from one particular tool, whereas a Style is a collection of various adjustments.

You can use these to create your own unique looks in Capture One. Think about building looks from the Color Balance Tool, Colour Editor, Curves and more. These can make a great start point for image editing.

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September 16, 2015
Capture One Pro 8 Webinar:
The World Outside Capture One

Capture One has a handy round trip feature to Photoshop, so you can take images from Capture One, to Photoshop and back again.

But what about other services? Is there an easy way to get your images onto Social Media and other sites?

Process Recipes in Capture One allow processing multiple images to multiple destination. Using cloud services like Dropbox and automation services like IFTTT.com, the possibilities are endless.

Join this webinar to see how to extend your Capture One ecosystem.

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September 23, 2015
Capture One Pro 8 Webinar:
Capture One for Beginners

In a longer webinar than usual webinar(90 minutes), this is targeted to beginners or those of you who are keen to start working with Capture One.

We will show a very simple overview of workflow from start to finish. Getting images into Capture One, Basic Processing and then Export.

We will also look at the difference between Catalogs and Sessions, so you can choose your form of file management. The following week will concentrate more on processing technique with a selection of differing images.

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September 30, 2015
Capture One Pro 8 Webinar:
Five Images, Five Processes

Continuing from last week, join again to look in more detail about RAW processing in Capture One.

We will have more time in this session to look at the tools available in Capture One, and how to apply them to five (if time!) images.

This will be a good way to see what to use and when, and to the best effect.

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