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Hands-On XF


Feature Update #3

Get familiar with the new update process and new tools included in Feature Update #3.

Electronic Shutter


ProfotoAir Remote

The Profoto tool has been improved to include remote control of up to six groups.

Flash Analysis

Learn how easy it is to get advanced information about timing and distribution of your flash pulse during exposure.

Focus Stacking Tool

Learn how to easily set up and manage Focus Stacking Sequences on the XF Camera System.

Time-lapse Tool

Timelapse Sequences have never been easier with the XF Camera System.

OneTouch UI Updates

XF Feature Update #2 introduces a clean, minimalistic design to the interface of the XF Camera System.

Install Feature Updates

Installing Feature Update #1 of the XF Camera System is easily done within minutes. See the steps required to instantly get access to all the new features.

OneTouch UI

See the features of the OneTouch UI and the control options available for both touch displays of the XF Camera System.

Buttons and dials

The XF Camera System comes with six buttons and three dials. Get to know each along with the default configuration of the system.


The XF Camera System comes with an extensive and intuitive camera menu. Familiarize yourself with the content of the main menu and submenus, and learn how to easily navigate the XF Camera System.

Display Types

Discover the two display layouts available on the XF Camera System, Classic and Simple, and how to easily switch between them.


Nearly every button and dial of the XF Camera System can be configured. Learn how to quickly personalize your XF Camera System to fit your workflow.

Waist-Level Finder

The XF Camera System allows the prism viewfinder to be replaced. Learn how to attach the Waist-Level Finder and how to operate the XF Camera System using it.