Hosted by our imaging experts, our multi-language interactive Webinars will give you an opportunity to improve on your skills or get you started on your journey with Capture One Software and Phase One. Join from your Mac, PC, iOS or Android device!

Five Images, Five Processes

In this webinar there is a great opportunity to see a number of processes and techniques strung together.

- How to start on an image and why?
- What tools make sense and when?
- Just how far can you go with Capture One?

The goal is to take five different images and take in as much of the processing tools as possible.

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A Beginners Guide to Local Adjustments

Local Adjustments may sound daunting but they are actually very simple to use and useful in many situations.

- Learn the basics of creating Masks and managing Layers
- Use Flow and Opacity for easy Dodging and Burning
- Combine Local Adjustments with Colour Edits
- Transform Color Selections into Masks!

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Optimising Tethered Capture

If you want to capture directly to your computer there is no better solution that Capture One.

Learn how to reliably connect your camera and manage large shoots, cull and export with ease.

- How to maintain a stable connection
- Control your camera and use Live View
- Manage your files in a Capture One Session

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Preparing Images for Print

Capture One Pro has a powerful Print module enabling you to size and output your images.

Process recipes can also help you prepare images to send to external printers.

In this webinar we will look at both methods.

- Learn how to print directly from Capture One
- Learn how to export properly for external printing services

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Einführung in Capture One Pro 9.1 (deutsch)

Dieses deutschsprachige Webinar wird Ihnen einen Überblick über die Arbeitsweise und Funktionen in Capture One Pro 9.1 geben.

Wir schauen uns an:

-Arbeiten mit Sitzungen und Katalogen- ein Überblick
-Werkzeuge und Stile
-Verarbeitungsoptionen und Stapelverarbeitung

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