Capture One and Hardware Webinars

Hosted by our imaging experts and occasional guests, our free and interactive webinars give you an opportunity to learn or improve your skills with Phase One products.  Browse the calendar below and don’t forget to register, as seats are limited.

Wedding Workflow and Adjustment with Chris Lambeth

Chris Lambeth is a Phoenix Arizona based photographer specializing in fashion, beauty and editorial work as well as high end retouching and of course capturing Weddings.

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Why Upgrade to Capture One Pro 10?

ince Capture One 7 and even versions 8 and 9 there have been many additions and upgrades.
Not only in new features, but significant boosts in performance and out of the box image quality.
In this webinar, see the new features in action to give you a clear idea on upgrade potential.

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Optimising Tethered Capture

If you want to capture directly to your computer there is no better solution that Capture One Pro 10.
Learn how to reliably connect your camera and manage large shoots, cull and export with ease.

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Professional Portrait Retouching with Michael Woloszynowicz

In this Webinar, our guest Michael Woloszynowicz will show us his unique technique of portrait retouching by using the Local Adjustment possibilities in Capture One Pro 10.

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Landscape Photography with Drew J. Altdoerffer

As well as being CBO at Phase One and a camera systems product manager, Drew is also an accomplished Landscape photographer, with considerable skill in maximising his images in Capture One.

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Pratik Naik's Color Workflow in Capure One

In this Webinar, our guest Pratik Naik will show us how he uses the various Color tools in Capture One Pro 10 in the first part of his retouching workflow.

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