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Capture One Pro Webinars

Hosted by our imaging expert, the free Capture One webinars will give you an opportunity to learn or improve your skills with the many great features of Capture One Pro.

Working with Annotations in Capture One 11

Capture One 11 was released on the 30th November with a host of exciting new features.
To work collaboratively with others, for example Retouchers, we added the ability to annotate your images simply by drawing directly on the image.
Annotations can also be used as a simple reminder to yourself or anybody else working on the same project as you.
Save Annotations as a Layer in a PSD file to use it all the way through the post-production process.
Also in this webinar, we will look at saving a crop to a PSD path and using Overlays and Watermarks as Layers too.

Vorstellung von Capture One Pro 11 (DE)

Das neue Release ist da! In diesem Webinar schauen wir uns natürlich alle neuen Funktionen an und besprechen die Verbesserungen, die dieses Upgrade mit sich bringt.
Dazu gehören natürlich die neuen Ebenenwerkzeuge die einen ebenenbasierten Workflow erlauben. Mit dem Werkzeug „Anmerkungen“ fügen Sie Notizen und Kommentare direkt der Bilddatei hinzu. Anmerkung und Überlagerung können als Ebene, der Ausschnitt als Pfad in einer PSD-Datei weitergegeben werden.
Wir freuen uns auf Sie!

Working with layers in Capture One 11

Layers have been significantly improved in Capture One 11
We have further developed the Mask tools, for example, Refine and Feather the mask after drawing, or adjust the opacity of your layer to control the impact of local adjustments.
In this Webinar, see how Capture One is even more of a Layer-centric RAW converter and how to take advantage of all the new Layer features.