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IQ3 100MP Achromatic

Phenomenal clarity for timeless photography

A black and white image has the power to take us out of this world and transport us to another reality. Our goal is to create a digital imaging system that captures the timelessness of black and white photography in extreme detail and resolution. Phase One is breathing new life into the art of photography by developing a system without the distraction of color, capturing touching elegance in pure creative expression. The IQ3 100MP Achromatic gives artists a new range of freedom to explore the enduring beauty of black and white photography.

Step out of this world and see things differently



Achromatic vs. monochromatic

A dedicated sensor that removes the Bayer color filter means the IQ3 100MP Achromatic captures no color information. This means each and every pixel of the sensor is dedicated to focus purely on capturing absolute detail, luminance values and subtle tonal beauty.

More light makes for better images

The IQ3 100MP Achromatic is the most light sensitive capture device available. With pristine ISO performance and the possibility to capture all wavelengths of light, the creative opportunities are endless and the image quality has the ability to go above and beyond.

Capture One Connection

Phase One software and camera systems work in perfect harmony for a smooth workflow that delivers the image quality you expect with a customizable software program to fit your needs.

CMOS LiveView

With fast sensor read-out speed, the LiveView provides precision focus control and compositional feedback with auto gain.

ISO up to 51,200

The exceptional light sensitivity of the system means low light photography with a high capture speed is possible. You can now freeze action at base ISO – even on a cloudy day.

Service & Support

We promise to respond to every request within eight hours, regardless of location and no matter what the concern. Though, typically that’s seven hours more than we need.

Warranty & Uptime Guarantee

An industry leading 5-year warranty covers the entire camera system from top to bottom, lens to sensor. And a 5-year uptime guarantee provides you access to loan equipment should you need to send us your system for any reason.