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Capture One Pro Keyboard

We have teamed up with LogicKeyboard and designed our very own Capture One Pro Keyboard to maximize your productivity. 

"Capture One Pro is a professional application for the worlds most demanding photographers. Moving through the application swiftly is aided by a host of numerous shortcuts covering all aspects of functionality.
What LogicKeyboard does is present that functionality in a visual way, helping all users increase their efficiency in Capture One Pro."

James Johnson, Software Product Manager at Phase One.

The keyboard is available now from authorized Phase One dealers worldwide and supports three languages (American, British English and German). Additional language support will be available upon request.

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About LogicKeyboard

Founded in Denmark in 2002, LogicKeyboard is a young, progressive company providing flexible and effective keyboard solutions designed to optimize their customers’ workflows, processes and business potential. The company’s uncompromising focus on quality means that they work to ensure that when customers start using a new keyboard solution with custom keys from LogicKeyboard, that they should immediately notice the difference, both in terms of ease of use and increased productivity.
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