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Summary How to deactivate Capture One / Media Pro using the Phase One website
Problem As you own the Capture One Product Key, and/or the Media Pro Product Key, you have full access to control it's use. There is a do-it-yourself way to release activations with the software so that you can move activations to different computers without any action from Phase One Technical Support, and it's simple. You can also use this procedure to deactivate computers that have been formatted or are otherwise inaccessible.

Click here for instructions to deactivate from within the Capture One application


1. Login to your Phase One Profile at Click on "My Pages".



2. Click on "License Management".



3. Choose your Product Key. 




Please note that deactivation affects all installations with the license code!  

Choose "Reset Deactivations". The Activations will now read 2 and you will be able to activate Capture One on a new machine. This will remove the activation from all currently activated machines.  


For example If you had Capture One  activated on two machines and are replacing only one of them, you will have to activate the new computer as well as the other computer where Capture One was already in use and activated. Since this process removes all Capture One  activations.











Last updated 30-09-2015
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