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KB 1191

How to install output ICC profiles in macOS for use in Capture One

Last updated: 28-11-2017


I have a custom ICC profile for my printer or specific output. How can I install it on macOS for use in Capture One?


Uncompress the Files

Typically, ICC profiles are available within zipped packages to compress file size. Unzip the package by double clicking prior to installing as neither the operating system nor Capture One can parse a zipped ICC profile.


Copy the ICC Profile file

Click the profile to highlight it, then select Edit > Copy to copy the file

Paste the file to the macOS profiles directory

Open Finder, then select Go > Go To Folder

In the resulting dialog, type "~/Library/ColorSync/Profiles" without quotes

Select Edit > Paste Item to paste the previously copied file to that folder

If you are prompted for your user name and password, simply enter it and proceed.

Restart Capture One

As Capture One parses these folders for usable profiles on launch, it is necessary to relaunch Capture One such that the application "sees" the new profile.

The new profile can now be used as a Proof Profile, via View > Proof Profile

as well as a destination profile for the processed file, (which is set under the Process Recipe's Basic tab) or as a printer profile (in the Print dialog's Color Profile option).

If the profile does not appear on the first try, ensure that the file is present in the Profiles folder. If it is, reboot and relaunch Capture One.