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KB 1612

Capture One asks for re-activation upon restarting the application

Last updated: 07-01-2019


Why does Capture One ask for activation every single time that I launch the program? Am I using up my activations whenever I reactivate?


For some OS X / macOS users, activation does not "stick" and requires re-entering the information upon each launch of the application. There can be several reasons for this:

The Capture One application bundle is being launched from inside the disk image

If Capture One is launched from within the disk image, the operating system's security prevents the application from doing a hardware check to determine which machine it is installed on. Therefore, if the application is launched directly from the disk image, any activation will not stick. Do not launch Capture One from the disk image; copy to the system Applications folder first.

Be Sure you have copied the application itself to the Applications folder. If you drag it straight to the Dock, then only an alias will be installed in Applications and thus it is still opening the disk image.

OS X and macOS's Gatekeeper prevent a properly-installed application from checking the hardware

On occasion, it's possible for a properly installed (that is, placed in the system Applications folder) to block the access required for the software activation. This can be circumvented by allowing Capture One complete control of the machine. To enable this, open System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Accessibility.


If locked, click the padlock and enter your admin password. Then, add Capture One 10 to the list.

If those fail to rectify the issue

Rename the application within the Applications folder to anything (for example, "Capture One 1002" or "Capture One_10". If that does work, download and re-install the application. You can download the current version from our site, here, or a previous release from our archive