Exploring infinite shapes of architectural photography with Andrew Latreille

Photographing the invisible

Capturing a building’s energy and atmosphere is one of the key goals of an architectural photographer. Well, what do you do, if the building is invisible? Andrew Latreille took on that challenge for his client, who have created an immersive experience in the shape of a mirrored cabin, blending into the surrounding forest. Watch how Andrew is using his Phase One & Arca Swiss kit to capture this extraordinary project in the woods of Canada.

Architecture credit: Arcana / Leckie Studio Architecture + Design


Andrew’s tools

Andrew has been using the Phase One IQ4 150MP digital back since years and his workflow and image quality heavily depends on its innovative features.

Dual Exposure+

Making the most out of the natural light settings and to balance the exposure, Andrew used the Dual Exposure+ feature. Without manual bracketing, he can capture three extra stops of dynamic range, resulting in increased detail performance. DualExposure+ is a tool that can dramatically increase dynamic range, reduce noise, and improve shadow detail in images by blending data from two overlapping electronic shutter captures. In short, the feature takes two captures around 3 stops apart, and uses the brighter capture to fill in shadow detail in the darker image when processed in Capture One.

Frame Averaging

To get that melted look of the reflective surfaces on the cabin’s walls, Andrew used the frame averaging tool. An automated and seamless workflow that allows for long exposures in bright daylight without the use of ND filters. This is done by averaging multiple images and combining into one single RAW file! This manifests itself by reducing noise, enhanced highlight details with a streamlined and simplified process. It is truly unprecedented.  The images are automatically stored in their individual sequence within Capture One which makes image management operation straightforward and effortless.

Arca Swiss & Phase One

Complementing each other strengths, Arca Swiss and Phase One are committed to produce high quality camera systems for the most demanding photographers. The Phase One IQ4 digital back in combination with the Rm3di-tech camera is an open platform dedicated to architectural photographers seeking precision, lightness, and a wide range of adjustment. They combine robustness, precision and smoothness of movements with the brand’s signature minimalist design.

For the past 4 years, the IQ4 150MP digital back and the evolution of the infinity platform has continually provided me with opportunities to stretch my creative boundaries to make compelling images. It is always a great pleasure to use it.

Andrew Latreille

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