Phase One takes aerial imagining to another level in the GCC region by partnering with TDC 


COPENHAGEN, ABU DHABI May 8th, 2023 – TDC, the expert of diverse drone application in the Middle East, and Phase One, a world-leading developer and manufacturer of medium and large format aerial imaging systems are pleased to announce their partnership. The Drone Centre is bringing Phase One’s medium format P3 payload and 100MP cameras to the GCC region enabling users to capture high-resolution images that were previously impossible.

“We’re ecstatic about this partnership with Phase One,” said Scott Henderson, General Manager at The Drone Centre. “Our mission is to bring the latest technology to the region, and partnering with Phase One is a massive step in that direction. We’re confident that our customers will be blown away by the quality and performance of these products.” 


Phase One’s products are not just any ordinary imaging solution. They pioneered digital imaging in 1994 and now their versatile solutions also support aerial inspection customers with drone payload offerings. What sets the Phase One line of products apart from other drone payloads is that they are medium format sensors, which is another way of saying that- the Phase One sensors are on average 1.7 times bigger than your traditional full frame solution and with 100MP and a selection of lenses submitter details can be capture from a safe distance without sacrificing productivity.

“Phase One stands for a top-notch product, and it was a logical step to partner up with TDC, a synonym for drones in the complete GCC region.” said Dejan Dragic, Sales Director Unmanned EMEA and Americas at Phase One. “Our technology is for sure becoming a standard in critical infrastructure inspection and besides that, it is often used in standard photography, surveying and scientific work. We are very eager to work together with FEDS and to penetrate the GCC market even better!” 

This partnership underscores our commitment to providing customers with the latest advancements in technology. By bringing Phase One’s medium format imaging solutions to the region, TDC and Phase One wish to enable access to technology previously only available to a select few. 

As part of the partnership, TDC will be exhibiting at the World Utilities Congress, #booth 7535 in Abu Dhabi from May 8-10. 

For additional details on the P3, please visit:  


About TDC  

The Drone Centre is a DCAA Certified Training Center and DJI Enterprise official Platform in the Middle East. The Drone Centre sees its clients as our long-term partners. With extensive knowledge and practical experience in diverse drone applications, their goal is to help organizations adapt drone technology to its full potential. 

About Phase One 

Phase One–a pioneer of digital imaging sensors and airborne systems for the Geospatial market and the largest provider of aerial cameras based on a long tradition for outstanding image quality and reliable sensors. Founded in 1994, Phase One is a pioneer of digital photography. Phase One has developed core imaging technologies and a range of digital cameras and imaging modules, providing the world’s highest image quality in terms of resolution, dynamic range, color fidelity and geometric accuracy. As such, Phase One has grown to become the leading provider of high-end imaging technology across many demanding business segments, such as aerial mapping, industrial inspection and heritage digitization, as well as serving the world’s most demanding photographers.  

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