Making Agricultural Management Decisions with the Phase One 4-Band Aerial System

A great opportunity to hear from Air Data Solutions (ADS) and how the use of the Phase One Industrial 4-Band Aerial system has boosted their business model.

When ADS realized the need to invest in a more robust, flexible system whilst ensuring continued use of their current fleet of aircraft, the compact size and weight of the Phase One Industrial Aerial Systems was the perfect match. Integrating this solution with their current aircraft enabled them to retain the lower flight altitude and lower operating costs compared to those of other larger aircraft, whilst still maintaining accurate GSD at efficient speeds. The increase in productivity has helped cover the initial investment in a shorter period of time than expected.

Having worked in agriculture for the past twenty years, ADS combined their passion for agriculture and flying, the company started as a supplier of simple aerial photography over agricultural areas, which has developed over the years to offer more sophisticated, reliable, and accurate analytical data to help farmers, managers, and land owners manage their properties. The 4-Band multispectral images help to spot troubled areas before they become visible to the naked eye, allowing land owners to take proactive actions.

The most recent acquisition of the Phase One Aerial System has offered ADS:

  • More area of coverage with reduced flight time
  • Wider Dynamic Range – Increasing the window of time for aerial imaging capture
  • Obtain increased Ground Sampling Distance at higher altitudes
  • Quick Return on Investment


Wed 26.06.2019
Time: 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM EEST


Dana Brown,
Phase One Industrial
Don Cummins,
Air Data Solutions
Kirk Demuth,
Air Data Solutions

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