Oblique Aerial Data Acquisition using Phase One Industrial Cameras integrated by IGI (Germany) and operated by Kavel10 (Netherlands)

IGI will present its 2-IN-1 Nadir & Oblique Aerial Camera Systems based on Phase One Industrial Cameras.
The Surveying Company Kavel10 will share some experience in using such a system and give an overview of products which they create (with it) for their clients, including:

  • 3D City Model
  • 3D Urban Mapping
  • Oblique Aerial Images
  • High Image Capture Speed / High Efficiency
  • Wide Dynamic Range of 83dB+
  • Ability to work in challenging low light conditions


Wed 29.04.2020
Time: 16:00 CET – 17:00 CET

Carsten Wieser – Phase One Industrial
Philipp Grimm, CEO – IGI mbH
Albert Brower, CEO – Kavel 10 B.V.

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