Webinar – Next level field Phenotyping with Pheno-Inspect

Individual AI-based experts for plant analysis

In this webinar, you will learn more about the unique opportunities that Pheno-Inspect’s processing software combined with Phase One aerial cameras can offer to solve current challenges in field phenotyping.

Plant phenotyping is a rapidly emerging research area concerned with the quantitative measurement of plants’ structural and functional properties. Characterizing and assessing the structure and function of plants in the field is so-called plant phenotyping, i.e., a highly complex process. Either it requires trained experts if done manually in the field, or sophisticated vision pipelines along with extremely high-resolution and good-quality image data to gain the necessary insights.

Pheno-Inspect develops dedicated image processing software for the breeding and agricultural sector. It automates the evaluation of the essential parameters for the phenotyping process. Artificial intelligence and algorithms provide the ability to learn with every new image and efficiently adapt to plants’ problems and local characteristics.

This webinar will highlight relevant topics in this area and shows how Pheno-Inspect addresses everyday challenges of breeders and growers:

  • Plant and Object (Ears, fruits) counting and sizing
  • Multi-species weed mapping
  • Disease scoring


Carsten Wieser, Phase One A/S

Dr. Philipp Lottes, Pheno-Inspect GmbH