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XF Camera Platform


A Future Proof Platform 

Phase one designs camera platforms with the future in mind. With the XF Camera System, photographers can build, exchange and grow throughout their career. 

Upgradable Camera OS

The XF Camera System is designed with an independent and upgradeable operating system. The Camera OS allows for easy and simple updates, providing both new features and unique customization options. By using the XF Camera System, photographers are able to update the XF Camera System at regular intervals in order to benefit from new technology and dynamic tools.

Upgradable Autofocus

The Honeybee Autofocus Platform is designed with a brand new approach to autofocus. A custom processor, coupled with an independent high-resolution CMOS AF sensor, allows for endless possibilities. Combining a unique floating-point architecture and a fully programmable interface, HAP-1 is easy to expand and will allow us to continuously tailor the autofocus system and release user-accessible software updates for years to come.

Technical Superiority & System Efficiency

Continuing the platform philosophy of the XF Camera System, Feature Update #3 introduces new tools and features as well as improved functionality to existing tools. Among many improvements, ProfotoAir Remote now supports full control of up to six groups as well as TTL. System setups can be saved to and loaded from a CF card, and improved customizability of the XF Top Screen has been introduced with Icon Control.

Modular Modern Hardware

The XF Camera System is founded on modern hardware and an open platform philosophy, allowing us to continuously add new updates in accordance with the changing pace of technology. Additionally, other manufacturers can interface with each individual component, providing photographers with versatility and customizable solutions to address any scenario.

Proven Track Record

When we say that our product life cycles are long, it's a proven fact. Customers who invested in Phase One P series Digital Backs in 2004, have received additional functionality as late as 2014, through both firmware upgrades and Capture One Pro software updates.

Honeybee Autofocus Platform

The XF Camera System marked an important milestone for Phase One with the introduction of a patent pending and fully in-house controlled autofocus system - the Honeybee Autofocus Platform, or HAP-1.

New Autofocus Platform

The XF Camera System marks an important milestone for Phase One. It is the introduction of a new patent pending and fully controlled in-house autofocus system. The Honeybee Autofocus Platform, or HAP-1.

User Accessible Updates

HAP-1 is designed with a custom processor, coupled with a high-resolution CMOS AF sensor. Combining a unique floating-point architecture and a fully programmable interface, HAP-1 is easy to expand and will allow us to continuously tailor the autofocus system to meet your needs, providing user-accessible software updates for years to come.

Built for Precision

The initial configuration of HAP-1 is built for precision in typical professional environments. Using a white spectrum focus assist light and Phase One-developed focusing patterns, autofocus is more accurate than ever.

Hyperfocal Point Focusing

When photographers require the maximum allowable depth of field, a hyperfocal distance measurement is applied. Depending on aperture and lens used, the optimal focus point is typically a few steps under infinity. With the Hyperfocal Point Focusing tool, it is possible to set the ideal hyperfocal point for each lens, and have HAP-1 automatically return to that specific point on demand.

Simple OneTouch user interface

Being the first to embrace new technology and integrate a touch-based user interface in a digital back, we are proud to continue the tradition with the XF Camera System. We call it the OneTouch UI. 

Minimal Learning Curve

The OneTouch UI on the XF Camera System is a seamless combination of intuitive dials, keys and touch screen interactions. Each operation is used only where it makes sense and where you want it. OneTouch UI is designed with the goal of making controls so simple that photographers will feel at home within moments of getting started.

Soft-Configured Controls

The XF Camera System can be operated either from the camera itself or from a tethered computer. To achieve this, we have removed all hard-coded button functionality, including any physical markings on the camera. This allows complete freedom to configure the systems controls to best fit your individual needs.

Intuitive Touch

Two separate, yet fully integrated, touch displays are now available on the XF Camera System. The 1.6” grip screen is designed for clear visibility in any lighting condition using a transflective capacitive touch display. The back screen is a retina touch screen designed to show high-quality image previews, providing the ability to zoom to 100% with a simple tap. With 3.2” inches, there is ample space to compose and review, as well as operate advanced tools.

Modular Viewfinders

As if the brightest full frame prism viewfinder wasn’t enough, make room for a re-born classic!

Waist Level Finder

The waist-level finder is convenient for many styles of photography - be it in studio or on location. With the ability to retain the connection between photographer and model, or simply to attain a more effective working position, the waist-level finder is a great addition to the creative toolbox.

Light Metering in Waist Level

Light metering is typically done through a camera's prism viewfinder - a challenge that until now hadn’t been solved in a waist-level finder. The XF Camera System can measure the light on the HAP-1 autofocus platform. Using this ability, light metering is available with our waist-level finder.

Updated Prism Viewfinder

With a solid glass prism, the 90° viewfinder is the brightest of its kind and has virtually no loss of light. Together with nearly 100% frame coverage, the prism viewfinder displays a perfect view of the scene and comes standard on all XF Camera Systems.

Feature Updates

XF Feature Updates are free camera system updates available to all Phase One XF Camera System users. These updates enable new tool functionality and advanced features, in addition to bug fixes and stability improvements. 

Hands-on Videos

Explore the capabilities of the XF Camera System. Learn how to easily set up and manage all the advanced tools, including Automated Focus Stacking, Time-lapse, and the general functionalities of the OneTouch UI.

XF IQ3 - The Ultimate Camera System

The XF IQ3 Camera Systems provide the ultimate in professional delivery. Every aspect of the XF IQ3 Camera System is geared toward the professional photographer, delivering a worry free experience straight out of the box.


High Resolution Lenses 

With compatibility for more than 60 lenses, the XF Camera System offers high-resolution lenses for all types of professional applications.  

German Design

Our Leaf Shutter lenses are designed together with world-renowned optics manufacturer, Schneider Kreuznach of Germany. Building on decades of experience in high-resolution optics and precision manufacturing, the Blue Ring lenses are some of the sharpest lenses in the world - built for today’s systems, as well as the future.

Medium Format Bokeh

The XF Camera System is made to use lenses offering breathtaking bokeh and dramatically shallow depth of field. Not only that, but the perspective retention and visual impression of a medium format capture is head and shoulders above alternative photography formats. When you see it, you know.

High Resolution Glass

Phase One lenses are designed to resolve well beyond the high-resolution medium format sensors available on the XF Camera System. Using large sensors, large pixels, and optics prepared to scale, the range of Phase One lenses is already capable of going beyond 100MP resolution.

Leaf Shutter Lenses

With an integrated Leaf Shutter, the Phase One Schneider Kreuznach lens range delivers flash synchronization speeds of up to 1/1600th of a second. Photographers can overpower the sun and gain complete control over ambient light using flash, in order to perfectly freeze motion or create beautiful lighting effects.

Focal Plane Lenses

The Phase One Focal Plane lens range is designed to deliver clean optical performance with fast apertures, at the lowest possible weight. For photographers needing outstanding image quality, easy portability, rugged design, and the fastest capture response of the available the lenses, the focal plane range is an ideal choice.

Zoom & Specialty Lenses

In addition to our range of fixed focal length prime lenses, the XF Camera System is compatible with both Focal Plane and Schneider Kreuznach Leaf Shutter zoom lenses, delivering optical performance that rivals equivalent focal length primes. For those photographers that require tilt or shift lens movement, the Schneider Kreuznach TS is a go-to choice.

Free Choice of Lens

Every professional application is unique, and the tools required are no exception. Phase One understands the individual demands of professional photographers, and because of that bundles each XF IQ3 Camera System with your choice of packaged lens. Our entire Blue Ring prime lens line is available for you to choose the focal length that best meets your needs when the XF Camera and IQ3 Digital Back are purchased together.

Capture One Pro 

Capture One Pro was built for the XF Camera System - offering deep integration, outstanding image quality, and performance that's faster than ever before.

RAW Image Quality

When it comes to image quality, Capture One Pro is an important ingredient that distinguishes Phase One Systems as the leader in image quality. Our hardware and software teams have worked closer than ever to perfectly develop the IIQ RAW file format, allowing all elements to play in perfect harmony. Image quality has never looked so good.

Fastest Tethered Workflow

Rendering images in Capture One Pro at the exact moment of capture using a USB 3.0 tethered connection is the preferred workflow of professional photographers. Instantly see your vision become a reality on screen. With the XF Camera System and Capture One Pro, we raised the bar for tethered workflow and camera communication.

Integrated Configuration

The OneTouch UI on the XF Camera System can be configured directly from within Capture One Pro. This makes it easy to change, customize and configure controls for any type of photography, directly from your computer – a blessing for photographer and digital assistant alike.

Mechanics & Electronics 

Better. Faster. Stronger. 

Aerial-Grade Mechanics

Phase One Systems have been used for decades in some of the most demanding professional and aerial applications. With the XF Camera System, we have upgraded all moving parts and materials to match that level of professional demand, delivering the fastest, most robust and most reliable camera ever.

Cutting-Edge Electronics

The XF Camera System introduced an all-new electronic architecture. Designed in-house by Phase One, the XF is built using faster processors, newly designed sensor advancements - including gyroscopic sensors and accelerometers, as well as integrated wireless Profoto flash control.

Faster Than Ever

One of the most important elements of great photography is timing. With the latest iteration on mechanics introduced with the XF Camera System, we have significantly reduced shutter latency and shutter recycle time, making it our most responsive camera ever.

Modular Freedom 

Flexibility. Versatility. Reliability.

Modular By Design

While most photographers are familiar with interchangeable lenses, the XF Camera System takes modularity a significant step further. The XF Camera body, viewfinder and digital back are all interchangeable, providing options to match the particular needs of a photographer, a particular shoot or a demanding workflow.

Dedicated Accessories

With dedication to improving workflow and studio use, Feature Update #3 introduces the new XF V-Grip. Providing advanced ergonomics and additional control options, the XF V-Grip ensures simplicity as well as dynamic improvements to handheld workflow applications. With an emphasis on design, the XF V-Grip incorporates an Arca-Swiss compatible mounting point and L-Bracket solution. Whether using the XF V-Grip hand-held or on a tripod, the ease of use and added controls make this accessory a valuable asset to any professional photographer. View all XF accessories.

Digital Backs

With the line of IQ3 and IQ1 Digital Backs, it is easy to find an XF Camera System configuration that fits your exact needs.


A benefit of modularity is the photographer’s ability to easily upgrade a single component as opposed to an entire camera. With a modular design, there is no need to change a good system simply to gain features related to the camera body. The XF Camera Body is fully compatible with previous generation IQ Digital Backs, allowing existing IQ customers to easily access the new XF Camera System.

Backwards Compatibility

The XF Camera System is compatible with all generations of IQ Digital Backs. We’ve prepared the IQ2 range of Digital Backs for the XF Camera System, ensuring almost full access to the same features as the IQ3 range, simply by applying a firmware upgrade. The IQ1 Digital Backs maintain the same level of functionality as they currently have, but benefit greatly from the robust features in the XF Camera Body, improved speed, reliability, instrument sensors and autofocus.

Ultimate Service and Support

Phase One offers best-in-class support, promising our hardware users a response from globally-positioned experts within 8 hours, regardless of location and no matter what the concern. “We promise to respond within 8 hours but that's typically 7 hours more than we need.” – Ulf Liljegren, Phase One Support Manager 

5 Year Warranty

Offering an unprecedented and industry-leading 5-year warranty, Phase One covers the entire system from top to bottom, lens to sensor. If your Phase One system should suffer a fault within 5 years, we will tackle repairs without hesitation.

5 Year Uptime Guarantee

Exclusive to Phase One, we provide you with a worry free 5-year uptime guarantee. This guarantee provides you access to loan equipment should you need to send us your system for any reason, as well as on-site service, should it be necessary.

Comprehensive Product Knowledge

As the only camera provider with full in-house control over all aspects of our camera system production, as well as our software, our expert support team has intimate knowledge of all the bits and pieces, right down to the smallest detail. With complete and comprehensive product knowledge, we provide the fastest possible turnaround from diagnosis to implementation, and promise the maximum uptime for you, the customer.

Phase One Partners

Support for your Phase One system is available directly from Phase One as well as through a worldwide network of carefully selected partners. No matter where you are or what time you need us, there is always someone available to handle your concern or provide you with answers.