Large format oblique mapping at 880 MP from the imaging experts

Join the webinar to learn all about the newly released PAS 880 a fully integrated, accurate and affordable nadir and oblique camera system for 2D and 3D aerial mapping.

  • Best ROI for 2D and 3D imaging missions
  • Over 20.000 pixels across flight lines for nadir camera; and 14.000 pixels across per oblique camera.
  • Unbeatable performance of 2 frames/sec.- Fastest in the industry
  • Metrically calibrated for photogrammetry
  • Lightweight and compact

The ideal solution for 3D city mapping, corridor mapping and environment mapping.


Thu 04.02.2021
Time: 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM MDT

James Wardlow
Kevin Graville
Poul Noergaard
Phase One