Drone Bridge Inspections: A Study in Safety and Efficiency

For the First Time in our Webinar Series !!!!

A collaboration with hosts Ryan Boswell, Phase One Industrial U.S. Sales and David Day, CP, GISP, Executive Vice President at Keystone Aerial Surveys, Inc.

Traditional bridge inspections, while effective, often come with their set of challenges and risks. Phase One’s drone cameras allow inspectors to maintain a safe distance from the structure, ensuring their safety while still obtaining the necessary data. This approach of using inspection drones not only minimizes potential hazards but also ensures that bridge operations remain largely uninterrupted.

Discussing a comparison between the iXM100, the Sony A7rII and DJI X5. Examining a more efficient method to inspect a bridge while being able to maintain a safe operating distance for the drone.

  • Reduce bridge inspection costs in collection and post-processing by increased efficiency with a larger sensor
  • Maintain a safer aerial distance from the bridge
  • Allow greater automation of bridge inspections
  • Improved drone bridge inspection data quality

Click the link to read more about Phase One’s aerial bridge inspection.

Thu 23.05.2019

Ryan Boswell
Industrial U.S. Sales
Phase One Industrial

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