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Phase One Lenses


The Art of Glass

We take the art of glass seriously at Phase One. Working with the renowned German optics experts, Schneider Kreuznach, we have developed lenses that we are proud to pair with our camera systems. Engineered for expanding camera technology, with clarity and crispness edge to edge; Phase One’s Schneider Kreuznach Blue Ring lenses have an inbuilt capacity to see beyond the present and grow with your camera system long into the future.

Leaf Shutter lenses

Sharp, high-resolution German glass and industry-leading flash synchronization

“For me, [the 45mm] is the most versatile lens. It is the one you always find mounted on my camera. When shooting portraits, I love including a lot of the environment in the shots. Whatever surrounds the person is just as important and inspiring as the person themselves. It enhances the story.” Ken Hermann

Focal Plane lenses

Clean optical performance, fast apertures and low weight