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  • http://www.phaseone.com/en/Imaging-Software/Capture-One-Pro-7/Highlights.aspx

New in Capture One Pro 7

Built on the world's best raw processing engine, Capture One Pro 7 is the professional choice in imaging software. It gives photographers the highly responsive, precision tools they need to create stunning out-of-the-box images from leading high-end cameras. With a fast and intuitive workflow, it can be customized to fit unique project requirements.

More than 100 new features in Capture One Pro 7 support you with infinite possibilities to organize, adjust, and showcase your work. Go with the professional solution to help you and your photography excel.

Image quality revolution
Capture One feature

Image quality revolution

Capture One Pro 7 introduces an image quality revolution with a brand new image processing engine. The Capture One 7 Processing Engine, together with our tailor-made camera profiles, provides the professional photographer with improved noise reduction, improved high dynamic range, improved clarity, even better detail and much more.

  • Raw processing engine

    Capture One Pro 7 features the world’s most advanced image processing engine, with a brand new Bayer Interpolation Method, that will allow you to achieve vastly superior image quality with excellent color and fine detail from your camera’s raw files.

  • Tailor-made profiles

    Capture One Pro 7’s tailor-made camera profiles are renowned for providing ultimate image quality for leading DSLRs. Each supported camera is tested and fine tuned extensively by our image quality team to create a bespoke profile that brings out the very best.

  • It's in the detail

    Get the composition right in camera, and the software will help you secure the details. Building upon advanced mathematics and years of expertise, Capture One Pro 7 will bring out incredible detail and precise colors in your images.

Superior adjustment tools
Capture One feature

Superior adjustment tools

Capture One Pro 7 boasts a complete range of new and improved image editing tools that enable you to adjust large numbers of images very efficiently and effectively. With its easy-to-use precision adjustment tools, it will assist you in achieving the perfect look for every image.

  • Noise reduction

    Professionals will enjoy the improved out of the box noise reduction, especially improved for higher ISO images. To reduce noise, every camera is optimized by our image quality experts. For you as a professional this means you can shoot with higher ISO more confidently than ever before.

  • Highlight and shadow recovery

    Perfect high-contrast scenes by recovering blown out highlights and opening up dark shadows. Use the improved HDR tool to bring out details and contrast in the shadows and highlights, even in images taken under difficult light conditions.

  • Clarity

    Bring out the details in texture and fabrics, reduce haze and improve flat images to make your images more visually appealing. Use the clarity tool to add contrast and saturation, and give your images that extra punch.

Digital asset management
Capture One feature

Powerful digital asset management

Capture One Pro 7 offers the most comprehensive digital asset management solution with the possibility of working with catalogs and sessions. Utilize the powerful virtual organization of catalogs, or stick to your wellknown photography workflow with even stronger sessions.

Instant tethered capture
Capture One feature

Instant tethered capture

Use Capture One Pro 7 as an integrated part of your capture process by shooting tethered directly into the application. You can view and examine your images instantly in close-up detail to help make any adjustment choices easy.

  • Instant tethered capture

    Instantly import and view images as you shoot them with the world’s most advanced tethered capture solution. Simply connect your supported camera view and examine your images on-screen in close-up detail. Use the Capture Pilot for iOS or in a webbrowser to view and rate your images away from the computer.

  • Live View for DSLRs

    Capture One Pro 7 now offers Live View for selected DSLRs. The Live View can help speed up image composition, lighting, and focusing adjustments. Live View makes it possible for the photographer and others to easily view an image on a computer screen, in real-time and get the adjustments just right.

  • Web-enabled Capture Pilot

    In addition to using the Capture Pilot App for iOS, you can now access Capture Pilot functionality on mobile devices and any other web enabled device that share the same local wireless network. Use Capture Pilot to view and rate your images away from the computer, while they are being captured.

Intelligent corrections

Intelligent corrections

A host of new workflow enhancers will help you work more efficiently with your images, so you can get to that perfect images even faster.

  • Automated lens correction

    Easily fix classic optical issues like distortion, light falloff and purple fringing quickly and easily with the automated lens corrections. In Capture One Pro 7, your images are automatically adjusted for lens failings, using bespoke profiles for popular medium format, DSLR and ILC lenses.

  • Improved LCC workflow

    The process of working with LCC has now been simplified, making it both easier and faster to work with multiple images in a batch. Within a few clicks you can create LCC profiles for several images at once, and apply them to several images at a time.

  • Local adjustments

    Use the improved local adjustments like gradient mask, fill mask and auto mask, to fine-tune the details in targeted areas of your images. The non-destructive local adjustments let you edit selective parts of an image for unlimited creative control and results.

  • Adjustable previews
  • OpenCL enabled processing
  • Manual sorting
  • High-speed caching
  • Process to additional formats
  • Drag-and-drop tagging
  • Flip
  • Save ICC profile as default
  • And much more...

Adjustable previews
You can use the default preview size or change it to your preference. When you are on the move with catalogs and are browsing your images offline, you can choose to have a large preview to see more detail. When home with the files online you can change to a small preview for convenience and speed.

OpenCL enabled processing
Tap into the vast computing power in your graphics processor and CPU and use it to accelerate your processing tasks. The new OpenCL processing support will let you experience incredible speed when outputting images from Capture One Pro 7. Images are processed faster than ever before – allowing professional photographers to deliver work even faster to their clients.

Manual sorting
With manual sorting you can get the flow of our image presentation just right. Quickly drag-and-drop the images into the order you desire, and use the order in your slideshow or print layout. Capture One Pro 7 remembers the order if you switch to sort by date or name.

High-speed caching
Using behavior prediction in the background, Capture One Pro 7 is able to predict which images you would like to see next and pre-caches them. Quickly switch between two images in full resolution without spending time on loading.

Process to additional formats
You can now process to several additional file formats. Besides JPEG, TIFF, Capture One Pro 7 offers processing to JPEG XR or JPEG 2000 files with higher or lossless compression, to PNG files, to one-layer PSD files or to calibrated DNG files.

Drag-and-drop tagging
Building on the flexible workflow of Media Pro, Capture One Pro 7 enable you to easily tag images with keywords and metadata by dragging and dropping one or more images onto the keyword.

Quickly flip your image horizontally or vertically to align perfectly with that magazine layout, overlay or flow of your next photo book.

Save an ICC profile as default per camera
For the photographer with a keen eye for colors hunting for that special look, Capture One Pro 7 allows the user to create custom ICC settings that are used as default for a camera. Once you have decided on your preferred look or color calibration of your camera, having a default setting per camera means not having to choose it, or more importantly remembering to choose it when using different cameras. This gives great convenience and can save you time on set and in post production.

And much more...

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Capture One Pro 7 is the professional choice
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