Revolutionizing Slovenian urban planning:
Phase One's PAS 880i redefines reality mapping

Flycom Technologies

Flycom Technologies is a leading Slovenian remote sensing and GIS company.  When Slovenia’s Surveying and Mapping Authority needed oblique imagery for a better overview of selected cities and suburbs, Flycom offered the perfect solution for the project, using the Phase One 880i Oblique Camera System.

Ljubljana, Bled and Murska Sobota 3D city modelling

Saving time and being cost effective were a key concern for Slovenia’s Surveying and Mapping Authority (GURS — Geodetska uprava Republike Slovenije) when they started the project to map the Ljubljana, Bled and Murska Sobota municipalities. The objective was to obtain photographs in three different geometric resolutions at each of the locations.  

Being able to assess the state of these areas without leaving the office was a considerable time-saver for GURS but it would require high quality oblique imagery if it was to work.  

In the spring of 2023, GURS engaged the remote sensing and GIS company Flycom Technologies to collect the data. Flycom in turn, came to Phase One. They’d used Phase One’s iXM-RS150F camera for other projects but for GURS, they decided to install Phase One’s PAS 880i Oblique Camera System into their fixed-wing aircraft. 

The PAS 880i, with its high ground resolution resulting in short flying hours along with low data processing costs, gave Flycom and GURS a very efficient all-in-one solution for 3D city modelling. 

Quick facts

Phase One onboard

Phase One PAS 880i

Oblique sensor

Surveyed areas

Bled 100km2

Ljubljana 26km2

Murska Sobota 50km2

Oblique imagery was

Used to create orthophotos

Used to create 3D mesh

Easily imported into GIS

Pioneering a transformative path in the field of remote sensing in Slovenia, we've embarked on a pilot project in collaboration with Phase One. Through harnessing the capabilities of oblique imagery, we are introducing 'reality mapping' to our country. This first-of-its-kind project, in our opinion, holds immeasurable value for urban areas, offering indispensable support to public institutions. With these products, city assessments can be conducted effortlessly from the comfort of the office, making them a valuable asset for keeping our cities up to date.

Katja Šušteršič

Project Manager, Flycom

Digital surface models, complete orthophotos and 3D meshes

Flycom chose the Phase One PAS 880i Oblique Camera System as the 880i is a multi-perspective system with combining its nadir view and oblique view to all cardinal directions. The added oblique images enable a 3D output of the mapped areas and enable extraction of various additional contend for various projects compare to 2D data acquisition.  

The resulting high-quality oblique imagery is crucial to boost GURS’s inspection and analysis capabilities as they now had extremely detailed images of, for example, vertical surfaces like cliffs and buildings. GURS is now in the phase of evaluation to get an overall picture of in which parts of government the data can be used. 

As well as processing the data and providing a viewer for oblique images, Flycom have created approximate and accurate exterior orientation parameters, various digital surface models, complete orthophotos and 3D meshes. 

Institutions in Ljubljana, Bled, and Murska Sobota will be able to use these tools to efficiently handle a broad range of activities, such as: 

  • urban planning 
  • infrastructure inspection 
  • disaster response 
  • environmental monitoring 
  • historical documentation 
  • tourism 
  • real estate marketing 

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Phase One PAS 880i Oblique Camera System

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