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Phase One 100MP 4-Band System Integration by GGS: One Solution; Multiple Applications

GGS GmbH from Germany, one of Phase One‘s integration partners, has an excellent reputation for innovation and integrating IMU/GNSS and flight management system (FMS) solutions. Dr. Gerhard Kemper, owner of GGS, trailed Phase One 100MP 4-Band metric cameras in several commercial projects to develop a system that could be used in multiple applications.

Phase One 100MP 4-Band System Image Of City

Smooth Integration

Phase One’s iXU-RS1900 camera offers exceptional aerial image coverage, high accuracy, and quality, presenting an excellent alternative to traditional large format cameras in diverse aerial survey applications such as mapping, 3D City modeling, remote sensing, precision agriculture, disaster management and monitoring. Aerial missions with the dual head configuration become highly productive when compared with a single camera setups.

Phase One’s 100MP 4-band system is a well-integrated and flexible solution for different tasks in aerial surveying projects. The iXU-RS1900 is combined with an additional achromatic iXU-RS1000 camera with 50mm lens, to simultaneously capture RGB and NIR images thus providing 4-Band (R,G,B,NIR) or CIR imagery. iX Capture software supports a perfect workflow to create the requested images for various projects.

The 4-band system mounted on GGS’s AeroStab-M fully compensated gyro-stabilizer is a very flexible and powerful combination that effectively covers vast areas. The AeroStab-M can host 3 to 4 Phase One cameras, with a hole diameter of just 240mm. In combination with AeroTopoL (flight management system) FMS several evaluation missions were performed with a Cessna 206 over the city of Speyer, Germany.

Image: 3D Model of Speyer, Germany – GGS 2018 ©

Quick Facts

Geospatial Technology for 3D City Modeling

GSD - 3.5cm

3.5cm GSD provides clients with a good planning dataset

GGS-SIEAERO Multi-Sensor Analysis for Inspection of Powerlines


Dual head with 90mm lenses to capture a large 190MP image frame

Get High-Quality 3D City Modeling Results


4-band system offers a cost-effective, lightweight, and reliable solution for combining NIR and RGB aerial imagery for various types of projects

We love to integrate Phase One technology into our turnkey solutions!

Dr. Gerhard Kemper

Owner GGS GmbH

Watch: iXM-RS150F Incorporated in GGS AeroStab System

For more than 12 years GGS has integrated Phase One Industrial cameras into their customized aerial photography solutions. Recently GGS incorporated our new iXM 150MP metric camera into their AeroStab System and took to the skies.

Aerial Image of Industrial Site Survey Using 100MP 4-Band Systems

Industrial Site Survey

Peter Schmitt (Dipl.-Ing.), publicly appointed surveyor, was assigned to update the facilities of Pfalz Flugzeug Werke in Speyer.

“In the past, the infrastructure of industrial areas was updated with classical surveys, GPS and Total Stations. High-resolution aerial images from Phase One are now used to generate true orthophotos and close the gaps where surveys of complex infrastructure cannot be applied using classical methods alone. Results are amazing with a resolution of 3.5cm ground sample distance (GSD), which provides clients with a good planning dataset, perfectly fulfilling their requirements.”

Image: True Orthophoto of Industrial Facilities- GGS GmbH 2018 ©
Aerial 100MP Camera Image

City Planning and Urban Green

City planners can now receive high resolution images and/or orthophotos in RGB and CIR for use in different tasks within the municipality.

“The quality of information we now receive with the Phase One technology and GGS system is outstanding and the CIR images are perfect to assist the department of Municipal Green Management to check the health status of the trees, for example.” Patrick Kürten, responsible for the data management of the city of Speyer has to support various departments of the city management with the central Geographic Information System (GIS).

“The municipality is also eager to use such detailed images for developing 3D models of Speyer. Digitally preserving the cultural heritage of the city requires high resolution data.”

Image: Orthophoto of Speyer Cathedral and surrounding park, Germany – GGS GmbH 2018 ©
Aerial City Mapping 100MP 4-Band Systems

Flood control and Eco-balance

Data has been provided to both planning teams for Struktur- und Genehmigungsdirektion Süd (Structural and Approval Directorate South) and to Neubaugruppe Hochwasserschutz Oberrhein” (New Construction Group Flood Protection Upper Rhine) for planning and environmental issues.

Heinz-Peter Wierig, Ecological Protection, Struktur- und Genehmigungsdirektion Süd:

“We would be delighted to use this quality of data for our entire project area. The data we received for the Rhine valley, south east of Speyer is a fantastic resource for our flood prevention planning which also includes the environmental issues of the Natura 2000 reservation. The extremely high resolution of 2cm GSD in RGB and NIR shows fine details we haven’t been able to see until now. We can now zoom further into details which help us to protect sensitive ecological areas much better than we used to.”

Image:The Rhine with dikes and ecological areas – GGS GmbH 2018 ©
4-Band Systems for Flood control and Eco-balance

Municipal Action Group for the Elimination of Midge Infestation – (KABS – Kommunale Aktionsgemeinschaft zur Bekämpfung der Schnakenplage)

Klaus Hoffmann, responsible for the GIS system at KABS. “Using extremely high resolution RGB and NIR data offers us new opportunities. The department operates in a very sensitive ecological area. All flooded areas and old river tributaries are usually located in a protected environment. The incubation period of midges is a serious issue that varies from year to year depending on the climate and hydrological situation.”

The department needs detailed data to quickly identify areas where an infestation may conflict with environmental protection, especially bird breeding. KABS cooperates with several ecological institutes and universities, and this type of data provides an important dataset in their GIS.

Image: Typical breeding area in RGB & CIR – GGS GmbH 2018 ©

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